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RG27 SJR, RG35 SJR, & RG40 SJR

Rayco RG27 SJR, RG 35SJR & RG40SJR

Rayco RG27 SJR, RG35 SJR, & RG40 SJR

The Super Jr stump cutter is the original self-propelled, backyard stump cutter that professionals have relied on since 1986. Today, there’s a Super Jr model to fit every job and every budget. The Super Jr comes with gasoline engine power options of 27hp, 35hp, and 40hp. To maximize visibility while cutting, all Super Jr’s have the drivetrain located on the far side of the cutter wheel. And Rayco’s exclusive, swing-out control station gives operators the best view while cutting and swings in-line with the machine for travel through gates.

Wide, floatation tires with bar tread give the Super Jr a firm grip on the terrain, and dual wheels can be added for extra stability. Rayco’s exclusive slewing ring pivot design lowers the center of gravity and lets the Super Jr cut at maximum depth across the whole swing path.


RG45 Super Junior

Rayco RG45 Super Junior

Rayco RG45 Super Junior

Turbo diesel power, 4 wheel drive, and a hydraulic backfill blade. And it comes in a self-propelled package that fits through a 36” gate. The RG45 puts together all the features customers want and fits them into a compact diesel stump cutter. Operators appreciate the large cutting dimensions as well as visibility and protection of the swing-out control station.

For travel through gates, the control station swings in line. Wide floatation tires and 4 wheel drive allow the RG45 to maintain traction in challenging conditions. A hydraulic backfill blade saves time during clean up, letting you get on to the next job. Also available with optional wireless remote controls.


RG70X & RG100X

Rayco RG70X & RG100X SJR

Rayco RG70X & Rayco RG100X

Rayco pioneered the market with hydrostatic drive stump cutters and our flagship RG70X and RG100X offer the ultimate in backyard stump cutting performance. They use powerful Kubota diesel engines in 66.8 hp (RG70X) and 99.2 hp (RG100X) and have hydrostatic cutter wheel drive to let the operator vary cutter wheel rpm independent of engine speed.

Wide cutting dimensions keep you working without repositioning the machine and the swing-out control station offers protection from flying debris while providing a good look at the cutting action. Low center of gravity and 4 wheel drive let them get to the stumps even in difficult terrain. Removing the outer dual wheels allow access through 36” gates. Optional radio remote controls available.




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